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American Sasquatch Society

National Sasquatch Society

Important dates for the American Sasquatch Society:

  • 1967 - first well-documented sighting of sasquatch by Paterson.
  • 2001 - A.S.S. founded by a group of hunters after a trip where they found rampant sign of sasquatch and had their gear destroyed.
  • 2002 - after many months of meetings and proposals, Nine Founding Sponsors sign on to provide resources in actively supporting the legal and political operations to promote a national hunting season.
  • May, 2007 - referendum #45-B83-829231 passed in western state senates, contingent on national policy.
  • July, 2008 - Sasquatch unanimously removed from endangered species list - see USFW page (scroll down to July items).
  • July, 2008 - national committee approval of 2009 hunting season. Referendum passed on to legislators.
  • July, 2008 - national sasquatch hunting license lottery established.
  • October, 2008 - 2009 national hunting and conservation stamp designed and released.
  • January 19, 2009 - first sasquatch taken by Frank Samuels in Gifford Pinchot national forest. 275 pounds of meat sold to for processing into sasquatch jerky.
  • October, 2011 - 2012 hunting season is barred by anti-hunting groups. A five-month legal battle finally ends in success, allowing a 2013 season and guaranteeing seasons going forward.

See the Future Hunt Plans for our efforts to expand hunts for large and small game sportsmen.