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American Sasquatch Society

National Sasquatch Society

Important dates for the American Sasquatch Society:

  • 1967 - first well-documented sighting of sasquatch by Paterson.
  • 2001 - A.S.S. founded by a group of hunters after a trip where they found rampant sign of sasquatch and had their gear destroyed.
  • 2002 - after many months of meetings and proposals, Nine Founding Sponsors sign on to provide resources in actively supporting the legal and political operations to promote a national hunting season.
  • May, 2007 - referendum #45-B83-829231 passed in western state senates, contingent on national policy.
  • July, 2008 - Sasquatch unanimously removed from endangered species list - see USFW page (scroll down to July items).
  • July, 2008 - national committee approval of 2009 hunting season. Referendum passed on to legislators.
  • July, 2008 - national sasquatch hunting license lottery established.
  • October, 2008 - 2009 national hunting and conservation stamp designed and released.
  • January 19, 2009 - first sasquatch taken by Frank Samuels in Gifford Pinchot national forest. 275 pounds of meat sold to for processing into sasquatch jerky.
  • 2012 - 2012 hunting season is barred by anti-hunting groups. A five-month legal battle finally ends in success, allowing a 2013 season and guaranteeing seasons going forward.
  • 2019 - Extended season provides extra month of hunting opportunity in celebration of 10th anniversary season.
  • 2020 - Global pandemic causes delay in sasquatch season. Concerns rise about how virus will affect sasquatch.

See the Future Hunt Plans for our efforts to expand hunts for large and small game sportsmen.