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American Sasquatch Society Sponsors

American Sasquatch Society  

We would like to thank the nine founding sponsors for their support and commitment to the promotion of the A.S.S. mission.

Without their financial, educational, emotional, and spiritual support, we never would have gotten the National Sasquatch Hunt from idea to reality.


Sasquatch Sites:
Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs - from the Republic of Cascadia
Sasquatch Music Festival - annual wild party in the Columbia River gorge.
Jack Links - jerky
Sasquatch Agency - any sasquatch needing marketing help should see these guys.
Sick-a-Billys - the big guy has these dudes on his iPod playlist.
Bigfoot Recordings - unauthorized recording of Sasquatch singing
Sasquatch Fly Fishing - if you get tired of hunting, fish with these guys
Bigfoot Sightings - some lady's blog
Bigfoot Times - some guy's newsletter
Team Sasquatch - WAS little-footed guys that run fast, but is NOW tiny-footed guys that ride fast
Sasquatch Fuel - trail foods
Research Groups: these are great help for sasquatch hunters because they provide unwitting assistance in our scouting efforts
S.I.R. - Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies
B.F.R.O. - Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
B.I.P. - Bigfoot Information Project
B.D.P. - Bigfoot Discovery Project
O.B. - Oregon Bigfoot
B.E. - Bigfoot Encounters
Dead Sasquatch: websites come and go. These have gone. - Sasquatch Information Society (error) - Sasquatch Research - taken over by a squatter - Sasquatch Skateboards (defunct) - rad rides for large footed punks and boarders - Sasquatch Brew Fest - squatted on - Sasquatch Pet Beds (no site) - worn out sasquatch shoes recycled for needy pets. Sasquatch Computers (defunct) - good pricing for sasquatch and related bipeds. Sasquatch Paper (defunct) - if he could write, Sasquatch would use this stuff. Sasquatch Cellars (defunct) - wines made by the big guy himself Sasquatch Acre (defunct) - organic veggies and eggs - Sasquatch Pizza (defunct) - you might bait bigfoot with a few of these pizzas