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First Sasquatch of Season

Sasquatch Hunter

The first sasquatch of the early 2009 hunt was taken on January 19 in Oregon. Mr. Frank Samuels reported in to local USFW rangers with his license, conservation stamp, and tagged animal on January 20, within the 48 required reporting time. Samuels reported that he took the animal in the general area of the norther slopes of Mt. Adams, north east of Takhlakn Lake but would share no further details with the public.

As you might imagine, Samuels has requested his hometown be withheld to protect his privacy from curiosity seekers and gawkers. For the same reason, Mr. Samuels has released only this single photo of his sasquatch taken a few minutes before he felled it with a single shot from his hunting rifle at approximately 150 yards.

According to Samuels, he located sasquatch tracks while scouting early in the morning and trailed the animal for over 6 hours. He finally made a visual sighting around 3:00pm and took another hour to stalk in and get a clear shot. In snow around 24 inches deep, it took another half hour to reach the kill. He then cleaned and quartered the animal for packing out the next morning.

Through an offer from, Samuels sold most of the meat for processing into exotic sasquatch jerky. He has kept the hide for now, until his wife decides if she wants a sasquatch winter coat or not.