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American Sasquatch Society

Sasquatch Bigfoot Search

Mission: Expand exotic game hunting opportunities amongst sportsmen through education, legislation, and regulation.

Since 1997, we have been promoting the acceptance of hunting regulations for sasquatch, a big game mammal inhabiting remote areas of North America. Known around the globe as other names, such as Bigfoot, Yeti, Skunk Ape, Mapinguari, Yowie, and even Abominable Snowman, the sasquatch is a prize hunt.

Our biggest challenge has been the skepticism of government officials responsible for regulating big game hunting. This roadblock was finally overcome in 2007 with the overwhelming proof presented at the Safari Club International symposium on exotic big game. That irrefutable data about the sasquatch search, along with the dramatic downturn in the global economy, has convinced the Department of the Interior to allow a temporary lottery-based hunting season for sasquatch.

Having gained an open hunt, we are now funneling our funds and efforts into distributing the licensing revenues to state agencies in a manner that will most positively affect their support of our goals. This is not bribery, it is lobbying in its purest form.

Even though the 2009 open sasquatch hunt was a killer of a success, it was only the first step of our mission. 2010 saw an increase in sales and hunters, but no more sasquatch taken. We believe our plans to expand will continue to fuel the fire of exotic hunts. Please see the Future Hunt Plans for our proposed next hunts.

Our 10th anniversary season in 2019 ushered in a new era of enthusiasm. Sasquatch continue to remain extremely elusive with no animals being taken in the past years, but many signs and sightings. We expect our emphasis in the coming years to be on changing regulations that currently prohibit baiting, calling, and electronic tracking in bigfoot habitat.