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Hunting Stamp Design

2009 Sasquatch Stamp

From over 350 drawings, designs, photos, and original artwork, the design titled "Sasquatch in Motion" by Dornice Martinson of Beaver Creek, WI was chosen for the 2009 Sasquatch stamp. Ms. Martinson receives a $500 prize and a free stamp which she may use or sell.

The $45 stamp price was set by the National Sasquatch committee of the U.S. Department of Interior based on expected participation levels from pre-sales polling. Sales of stamps will provide economically struggling states with additional recreational management revenues.

The stamp itself does not provide a person the legal opportunity to hunt Sasquatch. It is given to all participants in the national sasquatch lottery whether they are selected for a hunt or not. The cost to enter the lottery is the face value of the stamp - in 2008/2009, that is $45.