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2020 Hunting Stamp Design

2020 Sasquatch Stamp

After the two fatalities of hunters last season, we went with a simple footprint to emphasize the size and power of sasquatch. Titled "Simply True", we hope this year's stamp will remind hunters that they are up against a massive beast when they enter the wilds to track bigfoot.

We were able to delay the expected license fee increase yet another year! This was thanks to an anonymous $50,000 donation from a long-time supporter of the A.S.S. who has participated in every annual hunt. The donation has enabled us to fund our stamp production, habitat renovation work, and DNA verification process.

Following federal guidelines, the 2020 season start has been delayed 45 days to June 15. By keeping the 30-day extension through August that was granted last year, the season only loses two weeks of field time. The delay will certainly make tracking in the later summer more difficult, but we hope you all embrace the challenge!
Hunters anxious to start their season can "go on a hike" whenever they want to scout out potential sasquatch terrain.

The stamp itself does not provide a person the legal opportunity to hunt Sasquatch. All participants in the national sasquatch lottery receive the stamp whether they are selected for a hunt or not. The cost to enter the lottery is the face value of the stamp - in 2020 it remains $50.