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Hunting Stamp Design

2011 Sasquatch Stamp

The 2011 season is scheduled to be the last for the "Sasquatch in Motion" stamp designed by Dornice Martinson of Beaver Creek, WI. Contest details for the next contest should be available soon.

The National Sasquatch committee of the U.S. Department of Interior has maintained the original $45 stamp price, counting on continually increasing sales to offset slightly increasing costs.

Some legislators, especially those in the eastern seaboard states, have been vocally promoting an increase in price of the stamps. They have also been pushing for an even distribution of revenues from stamps and licenses, proposing each state to receive 1/50th of the total rather than states keeping money from licenses sold in that state.

The stamp itself does not provide a person the legal opportunity to hunt Sasquatch. It is given to all participants in the national sasquatch lottery whether they are selected for a hunt or not. The cost to enter the lottery is the face value of the stamp - in 2010 and continuing into 2011 that is $45.