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2010 Sasquatch Hunt Revenue Surpasses Expectations

Sasquatch Hunt 2010

Far exceeding the most optimistic forecasts, the sale of sasquatch hunt licenses the past two years have been astronomical. The western states that adopted hunts early on have experienced surpluses of funds for development of wild lands and bonuses for high-ranking employees. Not to be outdone, many states east of the Mississippi are now seeing positive revenues.

Here at the American Sasquatch Society, we predicted a $39 million license revenue in the stat of Oregon in 2009 and flattening off in 2010 but we undershot the mark. Reports from Oregon DNR show $41.5 million in 2009 and $46 million in 2010. The extra cash flow has the state in a tizzy about how to spend the funds. Many experts expect the next sasquatch to come from Oregon with it's extensive wilderness and dense forests.

Similar increases have been recognized in all western states except Nebraska. In the east, DNR gains range from 5% to over 35% with Maine seeing a surprising rush for sasquatch hunts. We suppose some of this demand is from the recently proven to be forged video of the Maine Bigfoot that made the rounds last summer. Doctored media like that just hurts all of us.

The brown line on the chart is verified historic information, while the blue line is projection based on current data. Oregon expects to pass the $50 million mark in the 2012 season.