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2010 Sasquatch

Sasquatch Hunter

The lone sasquatch success story for the 2010 season comes from southern Idaho.
Dave Graham presented his hide, license, and conservation stamp at 8:45am on 28th of November, 2010. There was only one day left in the late fall season, so this was a great way to end the year. Graham shot the beast the previous day around 3:30pm on the edge of a meadow south east of Burley. The somewhat blurry photo shows Graham's trophy as it came out of the shadow of a tree to forage. Graham was camoflaged as a eucalyptus bush in the middle of the meadow.

Graham says he has been stalking this particular sasquatch for over three years now. He said, "I was pretty sure it would show itself before the snow flew and I've seen lots of tracks around this meadow."

Unlike Frank Samuels who got a sasquatch in 2009, Graham refuses to say how much he was paid for the meat or what his plans are for the hide. Samuels reported receiving $150/lb from a jerky company. Latest speculation is the hide will be sold at auction in February.